Acrylic and Silicone Render

Silicate Renders

Acrylic and Silicate Renders

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Acrylic and silicate rendering experts

Incredibly durable as well as attractive, our Acrylic and Silicone renders at Rendercraft will provide an excellent finish to your walls old or new!
  • Provides flexible and strong finish
  • Provides a durable shield against the elements.
  • Allows your home to breath
  • Cures cold wall damp problems
  • Crack and mould resistant.
  • No need to paint again.

Enjoy multiple benefits

  1. Thin coat renders can be applied in most situations they are ideal for insulated systems as they are not heavy on the board and are extremely  flexible & waterproof while being breathable.
  2. Ideal for brick/block and existing render applications.
  3. You can also enjoy a larger selection of colours to choose from for your home.
  4. These renders do not promote Mold or Algie growth meaning your walls will stay clean.
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To find out more about our acrylic and silicone renders, call Rendercraft, Wickford, today.

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